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Become more acquainted with Agra and investigate the city’s concealed ways, clamouring spice market, and religious mosques and sanctuaries, on this strolling visit you can test treats in years old desserts shop, jump on a cycle rickshaw and realise why Hindu families dress their godlike objects or why Muslims supplicate five times each day. The visits close with a superb perspective on the Taj Mahal from over the Yamuna river!

You will be received at your lodging in Agra and continue to the Agra Fort Army Gate. The visit at that point continues to Ambedkar Park. The following stop is the Agra Fort Railway station. Worked in the evident British style, this station conveys around 1,00,000 travellers every day. Your next stop is the Jama Masjid, the greatest mosque in the city, where you will find out about Islam religion and Mughal history. Afterward, you will take a break at Chimman Lal Poori Wala, a century-old sweet shop where visitors can see different desserts being made as well as test them.

Taking off once more, the visit investigates a nearby market where the guide clarifies the different products at a bargain on how Indian markets are such a great amount of not quite the same as composed retail in most western nations. Monkeys welcome the path to the following fascination Mankameshwar Mandir, a sanctuary committed to Lord Shiva. You are free to enter the sanctuary and see devotees going about prayer routines.

Next, your visit will take you to the Rawatpara Spice advertise. Bound to sniffle a couple of times as the smell fills the air, you can observe stacks of red chilies and pots of Indian pickles. The visit at that point continues through a cycle rickshaw ride, the most prevalent methods of transport in India. The ride closes at the banks of the stream Yamuna and you will at that point head to the behind of the Taj Mahal in a vehicle. You will at that point experience a beautiful sunset sight of the Taj Mahal from over the stream. The visit finishes here and you will be dropped back off at your inn.


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